5 things we love right now..

                                                    5 things we love right now.. 1. Dark red nail polish 2. Messy ponytail 3. Cuddling 4. Knit wear 5. Soft lips We get […]

Weekend tip

Body conciousness is surely getting a positive vibe with these spicy, super-sexy bra’s, thongs and other accessories. Styles explore the play between girly or cherry pink […]

Weekend tip!

TGIF: thank God it’s Friday. And that means making plans for the weekend. Are you going to party or just relax in the park? There are […]

Weekend tip!

Are you ready for the new academic year? It must be very exciting if you are starting your studies or living independently for the first […]

Must-see TV series

 The quiet days of sumer are almost over and it is time for new seasons on TV.  These days, you don’t need to wait until […]

Last minute bra!

A wonderful summer deserves an exciting finish. How about a last-minute city trip? You could shop for the latest fashion and begin the new school […]