Be your most beautiful self by Carmen Ketelaar

‘You are so beautiful’, he says weekly to me. We are 1,5 years together, I’ve heard it a thousand times but still it is weird […]

#100daysHKMX by Manon Meijers – Week 13

Week 13! Time flies and we only have a few weeks to go. This week, Guy is again keeping me on my toes (boy, these […]


Hey, hello! I am Gisèle van Zoeren, 25 years young, and I live in oh-so-happening Tilburg. I am busy completing my degree in Social Work […]

#100daysHKMX by Manon Meijers – Week 12

Week 12! How time flies! As I told you last week, I am very pleased with my new lifestyle! It is so nice to have […]

#100daysHKMX by Manon Meijers – week 11

Week 11: the end is in sight, ladies! Although I have to be honest and admit I am planning to go on after week 14… […]

#100daysHKMX by Manon Meijers – Week 10

How great is the temptation, when you have been working so hard for so long (week 10 lovely ladies!), to ‘treat’ yourself to all the […]