4x bra tips for summery looks

Yes! Now that the weather is getting warmer, we can finally get our fancy dresses and gorgeous see-through tops out of the cupboard again. A […]

5x Party Outfit Solutions

The festive season is around the corner again and we just can’t wait any longer, can you?Some of you may be dying to get into […]

5x Bra Solutions

Autumn has officially started and as well as supplementing your winter wardrobe based on the latest trends (hello shopping session!), we will also be taking […]


Fashion blogger Elien of Dogsanddresses has tested 3 different basic bras for you. She would like to share her experiences with you. Read on! Fashion […]

Bra solutions

Party season has started! This means festivals, wedding parties and bbq’s during sexy endless summer nights. The summer is a party and this is the […]